Clio's Psyche publishes quarterly journals in March, June, September and December of each year.
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June/Sept. 2007 (v14 No.1/2) March 2008 (v14 No.4)
December 2008 (v15 No.3) March 2009 (v15 No.4)
June 2009 (v16 No.1) September 2009 (v16 No.2) December 2009 (v16 No.3) March 2010 (v16 No.4)
June/Sept. 2010 (v17 No.1/2) December 2010 (v17 No.3) March 2011 (v17 No.4) June 2011 (v18 No.1)
September 2011 (v18 No.2) December 2011 (v18 No. 3) March 2011 (v18 No. 4) June 2012 (v19 No.1)
September 2012 (v19 No. 2) December 2012 (v19 No.3) December 2013 (v20 No.3) March 2014 (v20 No.4)